Students interested in carrying out their Community Social Service must perform their assignment using the general procedure described as follows:

  1. Attend the mandatory induction workshop for the community social service. At the beginning of each semester, you can go through the workshop calendar at the social service coordination.

  2. Consult the catalog of recipient units and programs on the electronic website, you can only perform your service in programs registered in this catalog.

  3. Once you have communicated with the supervisor and agreed, go back to the internet page, fill out the assignment form, and submit it.

  4. The supervisor will review the document, and if they reject it, they will send it back for correction; if they approve it, they will forward it to the social service coordination.

  5. To check if your assignment request was processed, consult the social service internet page again, select “My service status” (where it says UR: and AR: your assignment request was accepted).

  6. If the process is complete, you can start with your social service.

This procedure has NO cost.