Information for Students

The program begins on the first day of classes of the semester and ends three weeks before the last day of the semester classes.

Registration applications submitted after that date will no longer be processed.

You must accumulate the 8 activities before concluding the corresponding semester period, and they are not cumulative, that is, credits can only be obtained when activities were attended during the same semester they are recorded.

Activities from the previous semester will not be considered for the current semester.

How to take part in the program?

In order to receive the corresponding credit, you must register all the activities in the Formación Integral platform at your Faculty.

To participate in this program you require the following:

     • Be an Active Student in an Educational Program of the University.

     • Request an institutional card at your Faculty.

     • Attend/assist to events taking control of participation thorugh the institutional card.

     • Register the activities on the platform, after the activity has been carried out and within a 15 days period (you wont be able to register any activities after 15 days).

     • Request the registration of the 8=1 activities at your the Faculty Office, at the end of the semester (each Faculty can have different procedures).