The educational model at UABC encompasses various learning modalities as alternatives for students to develop their intellectual and practical potential through creative and innovative experiences, while earning credits simultaneously. These modalities facilitate the comprehensive training of the student, making them an active participant in their own academic progress.

  • Teaching Assistantship: In this modality, the student participates as a teaching assistant under the supervision of a tenured professor or researcher. They perform academic support activities both inside and outside the classroom, develop teaching materials, and engage in teaching practices. This option is available from the disciplinary stage, and the student must participate in learning units at a lower level than the one they are currently attending and must have passed the unit in which they wish to undertake the assistantship.

  • Research Assistantship: Students may participate in research projects during the disciplinary or final stages. These assistantships are registered by the professor or full-time researcher in charge of the project, and the student actively contributes to the research development.

  • Research Exercise: This modality involves the student developing a research proposal and carrying it out with the guidance of a tutor. It offers the opportunity to apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the field of research developed in the corresponding area.

  • Industry-Linked Projects: Once the student has earned at least 60% of the credits required by the curriculum, they can opt to undertake a Industry-Linked Projects. All Industry-Linked Projects must include at least one associated learning unit.

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