Internships are activities designed for the application of knowledge and engagement with the social and productive environment. They also represent a form of connection with different sectors: public, social, and private, where students will be in a work environment that allows them to develop skills acquired in the classroom in a specific activity.


  • Develop skills acquired in the classroom.
  • Link students with productive activities.
  • Integrate skills that develop the training of future professionals.

Benefits for the Student

  • Acquisition of professional experience.
  • Accreditation of internships.

Benefits for the Receiving Unit

  • Fulfillment of their social benefit, for the benefit of future professionals in the state.
  • Utilization of the inventive creativity of students with a spirit of improvement, for the execution of projects in the engineering area.
  • Strengthening of Company-University ties.

Student Commitment

  • Comply with university regulations and provisions of the receiving unit.
  • Participating students who undertake their stay under this modality will continue formally and absolutely under the direction and dependence of UABC, so their intervention will not originate an employment relationship with the company.
  • The student must develop their work plan, based on the instructions of the supervisor and considering the recommendations of the internships coordinator.

Commitment of the Receiving Unit

  • Contribute to the comprehensive training of the student through the combination of knowledge acquired in the classroom with practical aspects of professional reality.
  • Integrate into the student’s training with the aim of developing skills and competencies to diagnose, plan, evaluate, and intervene in solving professional life problems.
  • Assign each student a responsible supervisor.
  • Be a permanent source of information to strengthen and consolidate the link between the University and the social and productive environment.

To apply for Internships, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Have completed at least 70% of the credits required in their curriculum.
  • Have completed the Community Social Service.
  • Have completed the Professional Social Service.
  • Have valid coverage under the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

It is important to start considering options for Internships as you approach the final stage of your degree, according to the corresponding curriculum. If all courses have been completed and only the Internships remain to finish the degree, the full semester must be paid, even if no courses are taken or participation in the auction is involved.