Welcome FCQI Freshman Students

Freshman students can check their academic load and first-semester schedules through the Student Portal or the “Estudiantes UABC” mobile app. Schedules are also posted on the homepage of this website (Horarios de Tronco Común).

To access the student portal or the UABC Students app, an institutional email is required. If you do not yet have your institutional email, you can find more information on how to obtain it at the following link:

Remedial Courses

The purpose of the remedial courses is to cover basic knowledge in the areas of mathematics and chemistry, which will serve as tools for studying the various learning units of the common core. These courses are essential to reduce the failure rate in these subjects during the first semesters.

Orientation Course

The orientation course is conducted by the Coordination of Educational and Psychological Guidance with the aim of acquainting new students with all the procedures of the University and the Faculty. Furthermore, this course fosters the integration of new students into the university dynamics.

It is important to note that the orientation course is mandatory for all new students. The information provided in this course is crucial for subsequent processes and will not be repeated.

For more information about these courses, visit the page: