General Objective

Contribute to the Comprehensive Training of the Student who is studying a Bachelor’s Educational Program at the Autonomous University of Baja California, through their involvement in cultural, artistic, academic, sports and health prevention activities.

The activities are extracurricular and complements possible interests that the student can address throughout his journey through the University.

The UABC, in an effort and interest to offer a comprehensive education to its students, organizes artistic, academic, cultural and sports activities each semester on the different campuses, which contribute to the wholesome education of the students.

The 8=1 program has been created with these aims in mind, the name means that 8 activities related to the program can be made equivalent to one optional credit.

Curricular Value

The student can obtain a curricular credit when he participates in 8 cultural, artistic, sports, academic or health prevention activities. The assistance can be in a single type/kind of activity or in a combination of various kinds of program activities.

In accordance with the operational terms of the program, maximum up to 6 credits can be obtained (to validate each credit the stuent must demonstrate your assistance to 8 activities) during the basic stage, and up to 4 credits during the disciplinary and terminal stage. Once these values are reached, the activities will not be converted to academic credits.

Participating Population

All active undergraduate program students of the Educational Programms offered in Tijuana, including Unidad Otay, Rosarito, Tecate and Valle de las Palmas, can participate.

Events Billboard

Every month a billboard of cultural, artistic, sports and health prevention events is published, including the proposals of the Sports School, the Arts Faculty and any from other Academic Units.

You can consult the billboard of events on the page of the Programa Institucional de Actividades Complementarias de Formación Integral where the calendar of activities registered for the current semester is shown.

These events will take place from Monday to Saturday at various times and places on the Tijuana Campus.

Ethical guidelines related to the program.

Every participant in the program must comply with the Ethics Code upheld by the University.

It is considered a practice contrary to the Ethic Values of the University to request “virtual stamps” for attendance at two or more activities that were carried out at overlapping times.

In case of incurring in an unethical conduct as described above, the student will be entitled to the following sanctions:

1. If this is the first time the offense has been committed, all virtual stamps accumulated up to the moment the unethical conduct was detected will be annulled. However, you will be able to continue participating and accumulating stamps in the different activities of the 8=1 program that are carried out on dates after the moment the fault was detected, being able to accumulate 1 credit for 8 registered activities.

2. If such practice is incurred for the second time, all the accumulated seals will be annulled and the student will no longer be able to participate in the 8=1 program, during the school year in which the offense occurred. The student will not be authorized elective credits of the 8=1 program during that semester; however, in the following semester they will be able to participate again in the 8 = 1 program in the normal way.

3. If they incur in such practice for the third time, the student will lose any opportunity to participate in the 8=1 program for the remainder of his career.

Relevant dates of the program.

The program begins on the first day of classes of the semester and ends three weeks before the last day of the semester classes.

Registration applications submitted after that date will no longer be processed.

You must accumulate the 8 activities before concluding the corresponding semester period, and they are not cumulative, that is, credits can only be obtained when activities were attended during the same semester they are recorded.

Activities from the previous semester will not be considered for the current semester.

Aditional Information:

The calendar of activities registered for the semester appears at the Programa Institucional de Actividades Complementarias de Formación Integral web page.

In addition to the 8=1 program, students can also participate through the Optional Activities that can be registered in their academic load, the corresponding rules will be determined by their Faculty, in accordance with their internal operation rules.

The student can consult the Esquema General de Actividades Optativas de Formación Integral, at the Coordinación General de Formación Profesional website, the document addresses the rules to student involvment in conferences, sporting events or University teams.

In the document Mecanismos de operación de las Actividades Optativas de Formación Integral con Valor en Créditos, desarrolladas durante la Trayectoria Académica,(as written by theCoordinación de Formación Básica, Coordinación de Fomración Profesional y Vinculación Universitaria), the student can consult the required administrative processes in order to register the Optional Activities credits.

For specific questions about the operation of the program, consult the Coordinador de Formación Integral at your Academic Unit.

For more information:

Resposible of Formación Integral:

Dr Eduardo Alvarez

Facultad de Ciencias Químicas e Ingeniería. UABC. Campus Otay:  Calzada Universidad 14418 Parque Industrial Internacional Tijuana B.C. 22427 Tel.979 75 00.