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La Conferencia Internacional de Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería e Innovación ICSTEI 2013 reunirá a los mejores investigadores de Estados Unidos, Asia, Pacifico, Europa y de todo el mundo para intercambiar los resultados de investigaciones y abordar las cuestiones abiertas en todos los aspectos de la Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería e Innovación.



Decision analysis
Engineering economy and cost estimation
Enterprise resource planning and ERPII
Facility location, layout and design
Materials handling
Forecasting, production planning, and control
Human factors, ergonomics, and safety
Industrial engineering education
Communication technology and systems
Inventory, logistics, and transportation
Manufacturing, control, and automation
Operations management
Performance analysis
Product and process design and management
Project management
Purchasing and procurement
Reliability and maintenance engineering
Scheduling in industry and service
Service systems and service management
Systems and service modeling and simulation
Technology transfer and management
Third party/fourth party logistics
Total quality management
Quality engineering
Lean Enterprise
Supply Chain and Logistics Engineering
Virtual Enterprises and Interoperability
Production Planning, Scheduling and Control
Computer-based Manufacturing Technologies
Facilities Planning and Management
Quality Control and Management
Energy Efficiency and Green Manufacturing
Product-service Systems
Precision Engineering
Industrial Automation and Robotics
Intelligent Design and Manufacturing
Knowledge Management in Industry
Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Virtual Manufacturing Technologies
Facilities Design and Work Space Design
Systems Modelling and Simulation
Performance Evaluation and Optimization
Cost and Value Engineering
Business Process Modelling


Sustainable/ renewable energy
Biofuels / Biofuel Cells
Hybrid Energy Systems
Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Advanced Energy Technologies
Nuclear Energy Fission &Fussion
Energy Policy, Planning & Management
Behaviour of and impacts of pollutantsin atmosphere, soil and water:
Transport of Air Pollutants
Metal Behaviour: Distribution, Speciation and Bioavailability (lump various topics here)
Characterization and Degradation of organic Pollutants (lump various topics here)
Natural Attenuation of Contaminants
Permeable Reactive Barriers
Biotransformation/Microbial Degradation (lump together)
Bio-Assessment and Toxicology Ecotoxicological impact
Human Exposure
Management of ecosystems,environment and water resources
Ecosystems Management
Solid Waste Management
Environmental Management
Water Resources Management
Watershed/ River Basin Management
Wastewater Discharge Management
Alternative Energy and the Environment
Energy Conservation
Energy Conversion
Fuel Cell Technology
Plasma Technology
Renewable Energy Sources
Solar Energy
Water Energy
Wind Energy
Assessments of the condition of ecosystems and environmental quality
Air Quality Assessment
Ecosystems Assessment
Water Resources and Quality Assessment
Water Pollution and Water Quality Control
Health assessment in view of Environmental quality
Modelling and regional environmental assessments (includes Global Change)
Environmental Process Simulation
Water Quality Modeling
GIS, Statistics, and Remote Sensing
Data Management and Statistics
Environmental Remote Sensing Applications
GIS for Environmental Assessment
Treatment/restoration of ecosystems, environment and water resources
Ecosystem Restoration
Hazardous Gas Biofiltration
Soil restoration/ Phytoremediation
Water treatment
Wastewater and Sludge Treatment
Drinking Water treatment
Water Treatment and Reclamation
Industrial Wastewater treatment
Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment


Biochemical Engineering
Product Engineering in the Bio Industries
Self-organisation in the Bio-sciences and elsewhere
Delivery of the final product
Biotechnology applied to production of new and better quality food
Physical chemistry and thermodynamics for life sciences and biotechnology
Improvement of environmental remediation processes
Food process technology and engineering
The impact of bio-based polymeric materials
Biochemical and bio-molecular engineering
Bioengineering and biomedical engineering
Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
Energy and environment
Forest product processing
Milk product processing


Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Fundamentals
Chemical engineering fundamentals
Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Chemical engineering educational challenges and development
Chemical reaction engineering
Chemical engineering equipment design and process design
Thermodynamics, Catalysis & reaction engineering
Particulate systems
Rheology, Multifase flows
Interfacial & colloidal phenomena
Transport phenomena in porous/granular media
Membranes and membrane science
Separation process
Materials development
Distillation, absorption and extraction
Ionic liquids/electrolyte solutions
Multi-scale and/or Multi-disciplinary Approaches
Process system, instrumentation and control
Product engineering and product development
Product design & innovation, Nanomanufacturing
Controlled release of the active ingredient
Energy & nuclear sciences, Energy and environment
CFD & chemical engineering, Food engineering
Nanomaterials, Particle technology
Mathematical modeling in chemical engineering
Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Advanced materials processing


AI and Knowledge based software engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Aspect-orientation and feature interaction
Business Process Reengineering & Science
Communication Systems and Networks
Component-Based Software Engineering
Computer & Software Engineering
Computer Animation and Design Contents
Computer Game Development, User Modeling and Management
Computer supported cooperative work
Cost Modeling and Analysis
Data Mining and Knowledge Recovery
Design & Process Engineering & Science
Design Patterns and Frameworks
Distributed Intelligent Systems
Economic and Financial Systems
Empirical software engineering
End user software engineering
Engineering of distributed/parallel SW systems
Engineering of embedded and real-time software
Engineering secure software
Formal Methods and Tools
Healthcare Engineering
Human-Computer Interaction
Information Management Systems, MIS
Information Systems Engineering
Internet and information systems development
Middleware Design Techniques
Mobile/Wireless Computing
Modeling with UML
Object-Oriented Technology
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Patterns and frameworks
Process Management & Improvement
Program comprehension and visualization
Programming languages
Reengineering, Reverse Engineering
Reliability Modeling and Analysis
Requirements Engineering
Reverse engineering and maintenance
Safety and Security Critical Software
Software Agent Technology
Software architecture and design
Software components and reuse
Software dependability, safety and reliability
Software economics and metrics
Software engineering for mobile, ubiquitous and pervasive systems
Software policy and ethics, Software Process Models
Software processes and workflows
Software requirements engineering
Software Reuse and Metrics, Software testing and analysis
Software tools and development environments
SW Configuration management and deployment
Technology Transfer, Telecommunications
Theory and formal methods, Use Cases and Scenarios
Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics
Visual and Multimedia Computing
Web Engineering, Web-Based Applications


Electronics and Communications Engineering
QoS Provisioning and Architectures
Telecommunication Services and Applications
Wireless Networking, Optical Communications
Multimedia Communications
Network Performance
Innovative Networking Technologies
Network Security, Network Planning and Design
Software Technology in communication Engineering
Microwave Engineering
Antennas - Design, Modeling and Measurement
Microwave Circuits - Systems and Applications
Computational Electromagnetics
Radio Propagations, Integrated Optics
Information and Communication Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Bioinformatics, Software Engineering
VLSI Design and Fabrication
Photonic Technologies
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Data Mining, Cryptography
Algorithms and Data Structures
Graphs and Combinatorics
E-commerce and E-learning
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Networking, Signal Processing
Embedded System, Communication and Wireless Systems
Multimedia Systems and Applications
Emerging Technologies
Applied Electronics
Embedded Systems
Reconfigurable Computing
VLSI Design
Biomedical Electronics
Industrial Electronics and Automations
Electronic Devices in Communications
Software Engineering in Electronics
Applications of Neural Networks
Industrial Automation and Control
Coding and Signal Processing
Channel Coding
Space-Time Signal Processing MIMO and OFDM Systems
Signal Detection and Estimation
Audio/Speech Signal Processing
Image/Video Processing and Coding
Medical Imaging and Image Analysis


Optimality and Duality in stochastic programming
Mixed integer and chance constrained stochastic programming
Multistage stochastic programming: algorithms and applications
Scenario generation and approximation methods
Solution methods and algorithms, Stochastic Dominance
Post-optimality and output analysis
Decision support systems and software developments
Stochastic variational inequalities and stochastic equilibiria
Incomplete information theory and processing
State-of-the-art in related fields, Approximation algorithms
Cutting planes algorithms, Polyhedral combinatorics
Branch-and-cut-and-price algorithms
Linear and nonlinear (mixed-) integer programming
Randomized algorithms, Scheduling algorithms
Linear programming, Semidefinite and conic programming
Semi-infinite programming, Stochastic programming
Global optimization, Nonsmooth optimization
Multiobjective optimization, Optimization in economics
Optimization in data mining and machine learning
Continuous optimization for inverse problems
Continuous optimization in the financial sector
Matrix Theory, Tensor Analysis, Linear and Multilinear Algebra
Simulation via Computational Linear Algebra techniques
Iterative methods, Error Estimation in Iterative Methods
Convex Optimization, Eigenvalue Problems
Componentwise and Structured Perturbations
Approximation of Large-scale Dynamical Systems
Ordinary Differential Equations, Graph and network algorithms
Partial Differential Equations, Integral Equations
Integral-Differential Equations, Algebro-Differential Equations
Numerical Methods for Singular Equations
Numerical Linear Algebra, Optimization
Numerical Behaviour of Optimization Algorithms
The Art of Computer Programming of Numerical Methods
Parallel Computing, Distributed Computing, Supercomputing
Mathematical Aspects of Scientific Computing
Error Analysis, Stability Problems, Convergence Problems
High Complexity Numerical Methods
Non-Linear Systems Theory, Dynamical Systems and Chaos
Dynamical Systems, Large Scale Systems
Simulation in Information Retrieval and Management
Stochastic differential equations, Linear Programming, Quadratic Programming, Prediction Theory, Estimation Theory
Convex Programming, Nonlinear Programming
Complementarity problems, Stochastic Programming
Combinatorial Programming, Integer Programming
Convex, Nonsmooth and Variational analysis
Multiobjective programming, Game Theory
Global Optimization, Optimal Control, Stochastic Control
Variational Principles and Applications
Software Development, Heuristic Algorithms
Tabu Methods, Simulated Annealing
Probability Theory and Applications, Stochastic Processes
Mathematical Statistics, Applied Statistics